Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blog stalking

So I can't keep away from blog stalking! I LOVE being able to peek into others lives and see how they are doing AND what they are cooking! I was doing this last night in the comfort of my bed (thank you Honey for the laptop!!!) I had a batch of Ezekial Bread in the oven (3 loaves). In my getting swept away with reading about others lives, I forgot about the bread... until I could smell it! My bedroom is a bit away from the kitchen. So needless to say, if I can smell it in my room, it's overdone! I was so disappointed! Nathan was planning on rabbit hunting this morning, and I wanted to pack him a lunch with some sandwiches. I did have some bread left over from last time I made bread, but it was stale and only enough for one sandwich. So for breakfast I made him eggs and ham on (crust removed) toast. So at least he had a hearty breakfast! (and I did pack more goodies in his lunchbag to make up for only one sandwich) One of my favorite food blogs is celebrating their two year anniversary (I can't wait for mine to "mature!") They are having a giveaway to celebrate it. Check them out at Grumpys Honeybunch and enter to win. (just promise you'll share some truffles with me if you win!) I will make more bread soon, so I will share the recipe with you when I have a pic to go with it!


HoneyB said...

Thanks for linking Heather! Yes, it counts that you subscribed a few days ago. I have a list of those who have subscribed. :-)

kelliscakes said...

ezekial bread!! I love it! I eat the ezekial muffins every morning! How do you make it?? SOO curious!

Heather Ash said...

I will post the recipe in an hour or so!