Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blender Wheat Berry Pancakes

So you've bought wheat for your food storage "just in case", but haven't shelled out the big bucks for a grinder.... what do you do with that wheat! Make Blender Pancakes! I had heard about these but had never tried them before. I thought they would still have chewy bits of wheat that didn't get chopped fine enough. Well, was I ever wrong! This batter turns out quite thin, and didn't make real fluffy pancakes, (don't get me wrong, they weren't dense!) but the flavor was real nice. The most convenient thing was, you could pour the batter right from the blender! It makes a small batch, so you could either make two batches, or do as we did and serve it with bacon and fresh fruit!

Blender Wheat Berry Pancakes

1 C wheat berries

1 1/2 C milk, divided

2 eggs

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 C oil

1 T Baking powder

2 T sugar

Blend wheat berries and 1 C milk for 3 minutes. Pour in remaining 1/2 C milk and blend an additional 2 minutes. Combine dry ingredients and with blender running, pour in oil and dry ingredients. Blend just until smooth and pour onto hot griddle. Flip when bubbles start to pop on top.


Katrina said...

Hey, I made these a couple months ago and I thought they were really good! (I was skeptical).

Heather Ash said...

I was too! I wasn't expecting much, but they definately turned out well!